The Best Ubuntu Linux Repository List 08/01/07

If, like me, you enjoy tweaking and playing with your Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) installation then check out the download (zipped text file). It contains pretty much all the software repositories for Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) that are available to enhance the “apt-get install” command. Obviously, if you plan on continuing to upgrade your distribution as new Ubuntu versions are released, be careful which things you actually install, backup your files first, before doing this. What does this tweak do for us? Saves time searching for repositories! Below is a peek of some of the repositories on the list and the download link.

Have fun!

Repositories included:

Ekiga & Debian pkg-voip
Ubuntu Studio
Elisa Media Creator
and more…

The download contains two files:

sources.list and

Download: sources.gz

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tonimarie August 26, 2007 Reply

well i tried this and now synaptic is broken. going to have to fix it and needless to say i will not try this one again.

UbuntuLinuxHelp August 26, 2007 Reply


@tonimarie and everyone.
Please remember that this is for apt-get NOT synaptic.

I did try using Synaptic, just now, at this end and it works fine. So there could be other issues involved as well.
Either way, apt-get users, it seems are okay, however “tonimarie” suggest’s caution for synaptic users. And evidently, I’d have to agree with that,
I your case (tonimarie), just restore the backed up sources.list and and you should have synaptic running.
Thanks for the input, muchly appreciated!

tonimarie August 26, 2007 Reply

all i was wanting to do was to get the sound working properly. i can play a cd ok but i try to play a DVD and i get the picture ok but no sound. before i got libdvdcss2 on here i could play DVD’s that had been riped and had the encryption removed fine however now i get the picture fine but no sound with any of them. also before i could get no sound with amarok but could with sound juicer and rhythmbox. that at least is still the same though i would prefer to be able to use amarok. just not sure what is going on.



UbuntuLinuxHelp August 26, 2007 Reply

Have you visited this URL before? –
It might be of help.
If not, I’ll see what other stuff I have over here and post about it.
Let me know.

tonimarie August 27, 2007 Reply

well have looked at a few of the things there and my sound card is listed when i put in the commands into the terminal. as i have said i am getting sound with a couple of programs. i have disabled the onboard sound as i have a sound card that is better and am not getting any sound from certain programs (mplayer, amarok) when under SUSE 10.2 (same soundcard) i was getting good sound from amarok though i hadn’t tried to set up playing dvd’s under SUSE. has me a little confused as to why it would work sometimes or rather with some programs and not with others.

UbuntuLinuxHelp August 27, 2007 Reply

@tonimarieHmm, getting video but no sound in mPlayer and no sound in Amarok. But… do get sound in Sound Juicer and Rhythm Box.Try tweaking the settings in just the applications that don’t play sound. It seems a lot like you have to tweak the preferences to use Alsa or OSS. If for example Rhythm Box is using Alsa, then try switching the others to use Alsa too. This might be the issue?

UbuntuLinuxHelp August 27, 2007 Reply

Also, from the site they had this reference “…try with disabling esd (google says there are problem with mplayer and esd): mplayer –disable-esd . Or make sure you build it with esd support…”

UbuntuLinuxHelp August 27, 2007 Reply

And this may help too…


How to install DVD playback capability

Note: The gstreamer dvd plugin is available as part of gstreamer0.8-plugins but may have a few bugs. However, Totem can also work with the xine backend (instead of gstreamer) to play DVDs. (Xine-UI and Mplayer also use the xine backend). This method allows using xine with Totem.

Install dvd modules:

sudo apt-get install libdvdread3
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

Install xine backend for Totem (if you are using Totem):

sudo apt-get install totem-xine

Finish installing modules:

sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2


2) How to install MPlayer Multimedia Player

sudo apt-get install mplayer libxine-extracodecs

An MPlayer plug-in for Firefox can also be installed:

sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer

Run from menu:
Applications -> Sound & Video -> MPlayer

Sami October 6, 2008 Reply

Why to use static /etc/apt/sources.list when you can SAFELY use something like: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/myown.list instead? This way one doesn’t have to tinker with static.list -file at all…

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