Massive List of Laptops That Work With Ubuntu 02/23/08

I’ve been in the market for some time, looking for a quality laptop that I can install Ubuntu on (in other words Linux Ubuntu compatible) and tweak as I need. Unfortunately, I don’t find much information that shows me which makes and models work… and nobody has offered me a test model that I can write a review about, yet. comes to mind as a premier provider. However, (for me) there are a couple of drawbacks:

The biggest issue is that they don’t seem to offer 17″ laptops. (I really don’t know why because 17″ units have been out for at least 3-4 years now?). At the time I emailed them, asking when they might have 17″ models, the sales representative who responded didn’t seem very interested and simply indicated they don’t have them, nor expect them in the near future. Bummer… too bad for me.

At least LinuxCertified has a 17″ incher:
(But the hard drive is too small – 80GB – With no option, that I could read, to increase the size. The CPU was a little slow as I also want to use some heavier graphic applications among other things).

The second issue was the price. After exaustive research, some individuals had posted information about who the manufacturers of the laptops were. At which point I found out I could purchase them cheaper (shipping was cheaper too) from the manufacturer (but I need to find a dealer that will sell one without Windows on it – Because I’m not a business that can purchase units direct from a manufacturer).

Don’t get me wrong other than the two points above, I think System76 are tops.

After a little more googling, I found a page for the Ubuntu Laptop Testing Team. This resource is incredible because it provides Make and Models of laptops and then tells you which Ubuntu releases have been tested on them, and the results. There’s a section for “Canonical Supplied Laptops Tests”, “Community Supplied Laptop Tests”, an “Unmaintained” list (that requests more testing). At the bottom of the page is a massive list of Laptops, click the link, get taken to the info.

This (for me at least) makes the buying process much simpler. Interested in a specific model? Now all I have to do is visit the link! And… before I forget to copy & paste the URL, here it is:

Also, if your laptop works with Ubuntu, you can report that here:

Update 1: This link was sent,

Update 2: Here’s another really good one:

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Nundy November 17, 2008 Reply

Thanks very very much! this information is just what I am looking for.

UbuntuLinuxHelp November 17, 2008 Reply

@Nundy – Thanks, you’re welcome. I’m glad it was able to help you out there. – Cheers!

zh.ibrahim April 6, 2009 Reply

Hi all,

I just installed ubuntu on my laptop model NEC Versa A2200. Everything seems to be working fine with the exception that I am not able to play mp3 files. There is no sound.

I am venturing into ubuntu as an alternative to Windows. It would help greatly if anyone can help me. Thanks.

UbuntuLinuxHelp April 6, 2009 Reply

@zh.ibrahim – I had the same issue, no sound when trying to play MP3’s. (If I remember correctly, I also received an error message at that time). Nevertheless, your answer is covered in the post “Build a Web Developer PC and Enable Most Media Playback Using Ubuntu Linux“. Using the information in that post, should get your MP3 capability working.

Note: Make sure you create backups BEFORE making changes to your system. Creating backups saves your important data in the event that something wrong happens and you have to reinstall the OS. In other words, always be safe.

zh.ibrahim April 6, 2009 Reply

thank you…kinda lonely sitting in my room with no mp3s blaring my favourite tune…

UbuntuLinuxHelp April 7, 2009 Reply

@zh.ibrahim – No problem. Have fun, cheers! :)

Knapton March 13, 2012 Reply

I’m searching for any proficient author, long time in this area. Outstanding article! Spooky/

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