Installing Epiphany Webkit with Flash Capability 07/02/09

I read an interesting post comparing the different browsers and how they compare (in terms of performance) with each other. The conclusion of the post Linux Browser Shootout with Peacekeeper, suggested that Epiphany-Webkit was the best. From their web site:

“…Epiphany-WebKit absolutely blitzes the Peacekeeper and annihilates all of its competition (even Safari 4 and Google Chrome on Windows), besting even Midori by over 200 points. Seriously, what an amazing achievement. I’ll definitely be paying close attention to this browser as it moves closer and closer to maturity…”


Needless to say, it peaked my curiosity, so I tried it out. The first run was not too great, that’s when I realized I had the Gecko version in use and did not enable Flash.  A bit of Googling, playing with my system (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS – Hardy) and a couple of explicatives for good measure, here’s how I got this working in Hardy:

Add the following to your sources list as found in this web resource:

deb hardy main

deb hardy main

A simple command to do this is (BACKUP your sources.list FIRST!!!!):

sudo echo deb hardy main >> /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo echo deb deb hardy main >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Also, a quick way to import launchpad PPA keys to your ring is to run the following script:

cd /usr/local/bin && sudo ./launchpad-update

Don’t have the update script? No problem… just read here: Automatically Import Launchpad PPA Keys on Update.

Side note: I’ve not tried these yet, but it appears that the alternate source for Epiphany-WebKit on launchpad is also:

deb hardy main

deb-src hardy main

After updating your sources, don’t forget to:

sudo aptitude update

Now we’re ready to install. Remember, we want Flash capability too. I use Firefox and have Flash 10 installed. Therefore, I use mozplugger to enable Mozilla’s Flash installation to work in Epiphany. Not sure how to install Flash in Firefox? I used the following: Adobe Flash 10 64-Bit *** The important part is the “Update Feb. 23, 2009″ note! ***

sudo aptitude install epiphany-webkit mozplugger

or via Firefox APT: apt:mozplugger and apt:epiphany-webkit

I found that I had to edit my Main Menu so that I could see Epiphany-WebKit in the Gnome GUI:

System –> Preferences –> Main Menu –> Internet –> Epiphany Web Browser (WebKit)

Update July 04, 2009: I discovered a conflict issue with Epiphany-Webkit and WaterMark (via Awn Manager). It seems that each time I run Epiphany (the version using WebKit, which is the OSX framework engine), all my system monitors being displayed by WaterMark, grey out and freeze. After closing Epiphany, they begin operating again (after a couple minutes or so). Unfortunately, I don’t have a fix yet. Everything was working with no problems. This issue started immediately when Epiphany-Webit was installed and the run for the first time – So I assume the issue is with Epiphany-Webkit itself.

Hopefully this quick how to is of help to those interested in trying out Epiphany-WebKit. Comments? Corrections? Adjustments and additions? I’d love to read them, feel free to add them to your comments.

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Christian July 20, 2009 Reply

Thank you for this. However, I get dependeny problems when trying to install epiphany-webkit with the repos you mentioned added. Maybe something changed since you wrote it?

UbuntuLinuxHelp July 20, 2009 Reply


I wrote this for Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), I notice you’re using Mint, maybe that’s why the issue is there? I just tried on another Hardy box and it worked. Can you copy and paste the error message(s)? Thanks.

Christian July 20, 2009 Reply

Thank you for looking into this. Yes, I am using Mint 7, so that may be the problem. Anyhow, this is the error message I get:

Depends: epiphany-browser-data (=1:2.22) but it is not installable

UbuntuLinuxHelp July 20, 2009 Reply


Hmm… Have you tried here? ->

Look further down the page, maybe sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser-data will work?

(In my case I removed Epiphany-Webkit because it interfered with other applications running on my system).

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