Hot News – Ubuntu Linux Has Been Bought Out by the Big “M”! 04/01/08

In an unprecedented move, Microsoft Corp. has acquired all rights to the Ubuntu Linux operating system (OS). The announcement came after numerous series of private negotiation meetings.

Several open source communities have already expressed stunned acceptance of the move that is sure to redefine the role of [Ubuntu] Linux in the consumer market. Or as some have indicated, remove it from the consumer arena altogether!

All parties have been unavailable since the initial announcement, however, the public news release indicated that all current Ubuntu LTS will be supported to end-of-line. Additionally, further development of the latest version of the popular operating system, Ubuntu 8.04 Beta has been temporarily suspended and no plans to continue the development of Ubuntu Linux were suggested.


Understandably, there have been reactions of quiet acceptance to public outrage. As one community indicated “…open source is about the freedom to choose and that has obviously been side stepped…”. Other’s have hailed this as a victory, indicating that Ubuntu Linux will be in a position to provide better services and development.

While there have been no further updates to the surprise announcement, many, world wide, have also expressed fears that the takeoverg is nothing more than a ploy to remove Ubuntu Linux as a viable competitor to proprietary operating systems.

We will provide further news as it is released. In the interim, our readers should be aware that in Canada, we enjoy the common custom of “April Fool’s Day“. A custom where we play jokes such as this fake newspaper article. You didn’t believe this did you? It’s not true it’s a joke, April Fool! :)

Have a great day everyone!

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12 Responses to this article

Rick April 1, 2008 Reply

Happy april fools day :)

ohmanugotme April 1, 2008 Reply

lol nice aprilfools joke, you got me going.

Thomas April 1, 2008 Reply

Wow, April Fools officially sucks on the internet. Please stop with the stupid, tired jokes.

Michael Magua April 1, 2008 Reply


JJ April 1, 2008 Reply

Ha ha Ok that was a bit funny.
Happy April Fools Day. :)

Uptoit2 April 1, 2008 Reply

Ok, Ok. I didn’t believe it, but was funny. Good :)

Denver April 1, 2008 Reply

For just a moment I thought… ??? 😉
Nice one! Hee hee hee…

JohnP April 1, 2008 Reply

Almost got me but not quite. Cool blurb, funny idea.

Seth April 1, 2008 Reply

Oh, I hate you! I actually bought it for a second until I realized what day it was!!! I’m not exaggerating when I say that I had my finger on my laptop’s power button, ready and willing to uninstall Ubuntu completely.

UbuntuLinuxHelp April 2, 2008 Reply

@Seth – Don’t worry, my friends think I’m retarded for doing this! :) Maybe I am… Hee hee hee…

Simon North April 14, 2008 Reply

Yeah, very funny. I doubt that the community would stand for that, I certainly wouldn’t :)

Vadim P. April 15, 2008 Reply

Psh, you can’t buy rights to Ubuntu 😛

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