Automatic FTP Backup System – A Very Simple Solution 03/27/08

Earlier last week I was reading some posts in a web hosting forum “Site Backup – Virtual Private Servers (VPS)“, within the post a forum member was trying to facilitate an automated backup system for his important files. In this case they were web based files.

YAFC - FTPThere were some excellent solutions presented, such as Rsync, etc. But I thought that sometimes all we need is a small fix. It left me wondering how well known “Yet Another FTP Client” (Yafc) is? (There are quite a few, but this is one I found on Sourceforge (I think in 2005). It’s a very handy, small client. From their Sourceforge profile:

…Yafc is yet another FTP client which features a directory cache, remote filename completion, aliases, colorized ls, recursive get/put/ls/rm, nohup mode transfers, tagging (queueing), multiple connections, proxy support, and more. It has also support for Kerberos authentication and SSH2 (sftp)…

You can read more about it here: yafc – Default branch

For a simple solution you can create a bash script to run the backup and cron to schedule it in an automated fashion. Here’s a script example:

yafc <<**
open ftp://username:password@<your-site-IP-address>/
cd public_html
mget *

Needless to say this is a very simple and fast fix and anyone can add and enhance the above example.

Nice, short, fast.

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6 Responses to this article

Fr33d0m March 31, 2008 Reply

The problem is that FTP is not a very secure means of transferring files.

UbuntuLinuxHelp March 31, 2008 Reply

@Fr33d0m – Good point! That’s one thing everyone should be aware of! đŸ˜‰

khalil May 9, 2009 Reply

You can encrypt your tar file before sending it with ftp using gpg -s .
Quite easy and secure too !!!

old linux man June 28, 2010 Reply

[********], use rsync over ssh! if your provider will not provide ssh or rsync server, change providers!!! The internet community must finally let all this idiots die, that are still offering ftp only accounts.

Note: Profanity removed by administrator

Jignesh Patel. March 28, 2011 Reply

What if host refuse the connection for any reason like ftp service stop for some other issue, port 21 is not open in firewall.

Any error handling needs to do. Sorry Sir i am new bee but industry really required error handling.

UbuntuLinuxHelp March 29, 2011 Reply

@Jignesh Patel

In my case, when the backup is not available, I know something is wrong.

Without question, error handling is important; I agree. It is also important that “humans” actually check and make sure backups are available (sometimes error handling can report that things are okay, when they are not and visa versa).

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